How Blogging Has Helped Me Grow As A Person.

Those who know me personally will know that this blog post title is rather ironic given the fact I am just short of 5ft tall, HOWEVER, here we’ll be talking about how blogging has helped me out MENTALLY and has in a way, provided me with therapy in order to overcome problems, or talk about something going on that may well be affecting not just me, but you guys too! I’ve not included any photos or anything as I want to keep this raw and to the point, so I hope that’s okay with you guys!

Back in May 2020 when I first properly decided to commit to blogging around my other work commitments, I never thought I would end up here with nearly 300 of you willing to listen to my ideas, and different topics every Monday & Friday. Again though, it’s not about how many people are there to read your stories or opinions, but more-so about how talking on certain topics can relieve any tension in your mind, or someone else’s. Over the last year and 4 months, I’ve spoken on topics around the world, private topics, fun topics, and topics of which can affect us all. Whether these are of a worry or importance to me, or any of you who are reading this, I am hoping that the blogs you have enjoyed, or found an interest in, have been able to help you out in one way or another.

I would definitely say that blogging should be done because you enjoy it, and not because you’re doing it to simply build a following, because it’s a lot of work! I’ve definitely had weeks where I didn’t want to type blog posts because I didn’t think people would be interested in what I had to say, but by making sure my blog wasn’t focusing on one simple topic, its enabled me to reach out to people interested in more than just one thing. Some blogs do better than others, and if anything, that helps me see what people are interested in these days, or whether people do want to talk about mental health – something they may struggle to talk to others about. It’s crazy to think that I’ve now created over 150 blog posts over this period of time, and to be able to look back on past emotions, events, and feelings is such a cool thing to be able to do. Yes, it’s not all positive, but everything happens for a reason.

Even though my blog has to work around my hours at my main place of work, it still gives me time to wind down and type away without the worry of anyone judging what I have to say. The fact that this type of social media allows you to communicate with people around the world so freely (obviously, please be safe), is amazing, as a really nice community is able to be created. There are people who I have followed on WordPress who I now follow on Instagram keeping up to date with their lives and with the things they are happy to share. It’s not all about popularity, but being able to be free in what you feel comfortable talking about, and also creating a safe space for people to talk if they need to. Personally, blogging feels like a much less-judged way of communicating ideas, in comparison to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This isn’t a post of me telling you to create a blog, and find topics of conversation you want to rant about (I mean if you want to, you go for it and don’t let anyone stop you!), but to say that it IS good to talk, and whether it’s here in my comments, or whether you need a chat via DM, there is always someone there to listen to you in whatever you wish to talk about. Blogging is therapy for me, and it could be for someone else too.

By the time you’re reading this, I would have just gotten back from my trip, and shall be heading out to pick up the bunnies! How time flies! I’ll post pictures, details, and all of my adventures next week!

Have the best weekend, and I’ll see you all on Monday!

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