Brighton…You Were Amazing! (September 2021 Staycation)

Happy Monday guys!

So here is the blog post you’ve all been waiting forrrr! An update on my adventures over the past week in Brighton!

I’ll admit, this break was WELL AND TRULY needed and couldn’t have come at a better time! We left on the Sunday and returned home on the Friday and it was the quickest week of my LIFE. The best week ever, but most importantly the break both me and Ryan were after. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we got really lucky that we went during a last minute summer heatwave, so it was nice to be able to take a dip in the sea too! And yes, I did get sunburn but for the most part, I tanned which makes a nice change!

Here’s what we got up to for each day, and some of the things I would definitely recommend if you ever find yourself in the Brighton area! 🙂

  • Sunday 5th: Travel! We dropped the bunnies off at their holiday home at around 10:30am, and then had to catch two trains as I didn’t even want to attempt parking down at the seaside! Knowing my car was safe at home was the better option! It was then a warm 20 minute walk (with bags…we’ve learnt to bring suitcases next time!) to where we were staying for the week, and then we went out to explore, take a walk on the pier, and ordered some dinner as we were both quite tired to eat out. I was BUZZING for the warm weather on the way with the beach literally right outside of our window – the most perfect view to wake up to in the morning.
Atlantic Wolffish
  • Monday 6th: SEALIFE!! We took a trip to SEALIFE Brighton to have a look at all of the Fish and Aquatics they had. They didn’t disappoint and I must admit, after seeing an Atlantic Wolffish (I think that’s what it was called!) I freaked out hahaha. They look crazy!!! I’ll leave a picture here of what they look like as I didn’t fancy taking a picture myself! We then decided to go to Wagamama’s for dinner which was LOVELY. Deffo try the Chicken Ramen if you haven’t already!
  • Tuesday 7th: Sunbathing Day Numero Uno! The plan was to only sunbathe on the Tuesday but the weather was looking beautiful for Wednesday too so we ended up doing it on both days. Tuesday I fully got in the sea (which was rather fresh may I add), but Wednesday decided to only take a dip up to my knees. Spending most of the day on the beach, we then went to play a spot of mini golf with a cider on the side in the evening to make the most of the gorgeous weather!
  • Wednesday 8th: So we began the day on the beach again around 10am as it was rather warm, and we wanted to make the most of the sunshine before the gloomy weather hit on Thursday. We were sunbathing until around midday as a lady went top-half commando into the sea and so we thought it was time to head back! Later on in the afternoon we went to the arcades (I know…very dangerous hahaha), and most certainly made use of the 2p machines! We won something on every machine (as you’ll see from the pictures!) and came home with lots of lil bits and bobs. Wednesday night we also experienced a crazy unexpected Thunderstorm!! We had pretty much every weather scenario on our trip, but the lightning looked amazing on the beach! (We stood in the pouring rain with my polka dot Primark umbrella and I do not regret it!).
  • Thursday 9th: We woke up and as expected it was very gloomy and a little more on the chilly side! Definitely the normal British weather starting to come back! We made sure to use this as our shopping day and had already had our eye on a few things in a few shops. We had lunch at a restaurant/bar called Italian Kitchen, and it was a lovely meal…probably because I had pasta and Prosecco but there you have it! I picked up a gorgeous nightwear playsuit from Hollister which I’ve been umming and ahhing over for AGES so bit the bullet and purchased it. Alongside a £2 salad container from Tiger…best invention EVER as it comes with a dressing pot AND fork too! Ryan treated me to a KIKO eyeshadow (which is GORGEOUS!), and also made some purchases in Hollister too. We certainly made the most of our last day, and ended it with a Taco Bell for dinner – one of our new favourite food places! The sun also made an unexpected appearance later on in the day which ended the holiday on a good note.
  • Friday 10th: HOME TIME 😦 We left where we were staying at around 10:15am to walk back to Brighton station. It was a long 2 hour train journey back home where we then picked up our lil bundles of fluff from their holiday too. I was shattered by the time bedtime came around but it was the nicest trip and getaway (and went way too fast may I add!). It may have been a Staycation but it definitely felt like a break. But now it’s back to reality.

I’m still editing all of the pictures I took from the trip, so am going to make a separate blog post on this for Friday so I can put them all in one place. Like I say, we were so lucky with the weather, and just everything was perfect. Almost too hot hahaha but I won’t complain as we really hadn’t had much of a Summer up until this point! I have no idea when my next lot of time off from work is, so that’s fun!! Although we are going to a concert at the end of the month (here’’s hoping well!) so that’s something to look forward too!

Here’s a list of some of the places we visited if any of you were interested:

Obviously, we also ate at different stalls along the beach, and had many slush puppies, but I can’t find the exact stalls, so linked Brighton Pier in general. There were many a donut, churro, and pancake everywhere you looked!

I hope you’re all keeping well and were also able to enjoy the sunshine if you had some! I think our summer days are over and it’s now time to start preparing for autumn…eeeek!!! (EDITING CHLO: Today is Sunday and I’ve just read a news article saying that next week has warm temperatures again…who knows what the weather is doing!!)

Have the best week, and I’ll see you all on Friday for some Staycation piccies!

Monday Motivation: “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

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