A Catch Up with CraftsbyRm!

And so begins a new September week!

Our coffee catch-up at the cafe!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you may have seen that I wrote a blog explaining how I had to cancel my plans meeting with my two friends Rhony and Emily due to the fact my brother had Covid and I was self isolating. I was gutted when this happened as we hadn’t seen each other face to face in about two years, and Rhony was soon leaving to go to Germany for her year abroad for University. We all ended up FaceTiming as it’s the best thing we could do and that was lovely, but there’s just something about seeing people in the flesh on an outing that makes your reunion that little more special – something of which the three of us used to do ALL the time when we were teens.

The Saturday before I left for Brighton, me and Rhony were able to meet up and go for a coffee and have a little look around the shops. Emily was off to Cornwall so unfortunately couldn’t make it, but both of us were able to see her separately before she flew off a few days later which was the main thing. Emily is now off to Uni bless her, so virtual meetings it’ll be for the forseeable I think!

I found this really cute top in the charity shop, and it was only £1.50!

Anyway, we went to this gorgeous little café called Rose’s (I think that’s what it was called!!), and then went for a look around the charity shops. If there is one thing about Rhony, she LOVES a charity shop, and actually has her own Etsy shop which I’ll link below. All of her items sold are made of reusable fabrics and she is very much an eco friendly kinda gal. I forgot how fun charity shopping can be, and for the prices you pay for some of the items you get, as well as the money going to charity, it’s a win win. I’ve already promised her that I’ll buy some of her handmade scrunchies once she’s settled down in her new flat, and I would highly recommend you check her page out if you are looking for some cute accessories.

We also took a trip to Tesco as I needed to get some Bonjela…happy days hahaha – I don’t think a picture was needed for that occasion!

It was a really lovely catch up before she left the country, and even though it wasn’t for very long, it still felt like the old times, and I would never have said it had been as long as two years since our last meeting. Those are the best friendships you could have though.

She’s happily settled with beautiful sunshine, just as our autumnal weather is about to kick in, and I’m so grateful we managed to squeeze in a chat over a coffee beforehand. Like I say, she is planning on continuing her business when on her year abroad, so check her out if you get the chance. All accessories and items made by a super talented, and lovely human being. Not only that, but some of the money you pay goes to a charity which I think more people on Etsy should do. Keep an eye on her page to see when she’s back up and running!

–> http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/UKCraftsbyRM <–

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Monday Motivation: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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