Happy October!

The month of Halloween spooks, all things ghouly, and many MANY Hot Chocolate’s!

I’m currently editing this Monday’s coming blog post as we speak, but I couldn’t NOT mention the fact that we have now officially seen the end of Summer, and dare I say it, Christmas really isn’t too far away. IT’S OCTOBER LADIES AND GENTS! The month of pumpkin spice, and all things nice.

This coming Sunday we have a birthday bash to go to for someone special in my family, and so it’ll be nice to get dressed up for that. Believe it or not, I’ve been given the next three days off!!! I did indeed work today (Friday – 7am until 4pm), and by the time you’re reading this, I’ll be doing my food shop in Tesco (fun times when you’re an adult), but I thought this post would be a good reminder to you all to keep warm (those of you here in the UK anyway) and wrapped up as the temperatures really are starting to drop – unless you live in some exotic country and are lucky enough to be blessed with nice temperatures all year round – and to drink all of the hot drinks you can get ya mitts on.

I never really used to look forward to Halloween when it came around, as I would never really see the point in Trick or Treating, and other than parties when I was younger and growing up that I would maybe go to, I seemed to find a dislike in the festivities of ghouls and ghosts UNTIL last year when we dressed up for work, and I decided to get my makeup kit out and really try to create some gruesome burns and incisions on my body. It worked and didn’t look half bad! There’s a picture of it on my Instagram if any of you wanted to check it out, but I was really proud of how it turned out, and hopefully I’ll be able to top it off this year and create a look that’s even more spooky. The customers loved it…their pets not so much hahahaha. I love all things paranormal, however AUTHENTIC paranormal, and sometimes Halloween can mock the real life spooks which is possibly why I never used to celebrate it. I still wouldn’t say I “celebrate” it now…I just use it as a great excuse to dress up and have some fun with makeup.

Unfortunately my bank balance hates this time of year as I’m constantly wanting to buy hot drinks from Mcdonald’s when I’m at work, but if it’s cold, then why not. That’s what I try and tell myself anyway! The month of October is when I tend to plan Christmas presents, work out what plans I’ve got for the last few months of the year, and try to gather my thoughts on what lies ahead. Whether that’s sorting my ideas out financially, or making sure I have my scarves, beanies AND OF COURSE my bobble hat’s ready to go!

What do you love about October, and is there anything exciting that October has in store for you?

Have an amazing weekend!

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