Bring Me The Horizon Concert!

One word….INSANE!!!

This was a very late birthday present for Ryan’s 21st which was back in December last year, and in the midst of the pandemic, I really wasn’t sure if we would be able to go in the end. But THANK THE HEAVENS OF ROCK that we were able to, and it was probably one of the best evenings out that we have had together in all 3 and a half years of our relationship.

The fancy walkway between the hotel & arena.

We decided to treat ourselves and also stay at the Intercontinental Hotel which is literally next door to the O2 Arena, London – where the concert was being held. For the price you pay (even though it’s not cheap!), you certainly get what you need plus so many added bonuses – my name was on the TV to welcome us when we walked in which was crazy, and you could also use the pool and gym facilities whenever you wanted to – I’m gutted we weren’t there long enough to be able to! I won’t state exact prices as if you book to stay on different days, you’ll get all different prices pop up, but the night that we went which was a week ago on Sunday (September 26th), it was only £10 more expensive to stay here than at The Holiday Inn Express which was a very long walk away. I really do wish we had stayed there for more than one night, but it was a treat and all good things must come to an end at some point. We definitely made the right decision staying here though – from check-in to the moment we left on the Monday, we absolutely loved it and as you can see from the photos, we were living our best “bouji” lives – something I thought I’d never hear myself say. But now I’m back in my single bed in my bedroom hahaha so you have to enjoy the marbled floors and fancy things whilst you’re lucky enough to have them.

So we got to the hotel around 3:30pm on Sunday – perfect timing as check-in was from 3pm. Check-out the next day was 12pm which is another reason we liked the idea of staying there as we didn’t know what time the concert would be finishing and we didn’t want to be up super early. After we raided the cupboards to see what snazzy things were in them (slippers, hot chocolate, tea – everything you would need after a late night out!) and listened to some Bring Me The Horizon music to psyche ourselves up, we decided to head down to the arena to grab a bite to eat and ooooohhh boy was it busy. I’m not the biggest fan of crowded places but I think knowing that we were getting some food and most likely a cocktail or two, gave me the drive I needed to find a restaurant to eat at. Low and behold we ended up eating at Zizzi’s, but it had been a while since we’d been there so it made a nice change. Passion Fruitini was the cocktail of choice from us both, and the people on the table next to us had to ask for orange juice to tone it down…I would have done but I needed the alcoholic juices to keep me singing along later on. We only had the one (each), but it made a nice change to my usual tap water!

BMTH Merch!

Anyway, once we finished our meal, we made a quick trip to the toilet and then queued up at our specific area to be able to be let in. Security and Covid pass checks took place and then we headed towards our seated area. On the way we bumped into the BMTH merchandise shop and (another £50 later – I KNOW £50!!!!), we went into the arena where the warm up act known as the Nova Twins we’re playing. You Me At Six also played for a while and they were incredible!!! I hadn’t heard their music before now, but it was great!! Even better LIVE as you can imagine. With my new t-shirt and beanie (I’m preparing for the cold!) and Ryan’s new necklace and jumper, we were living our best lives. We had a work colleague sat near enough opposite us which was funny considering Ryan managed to spot them across the other side of the arena, and a couple of other old school chums too.

The atmosphere was ELECTRIC!

As for the main event, Bring Me The Horizon were absolutely incredible!!!! Their song choices, quality of live performance, and high spirits kept everyone going the entire time. The crowd (especially the moshpit below – shout out to the person who got injured – I hope you’re ok!) was CRAZY for the entire 2 hours they were performing and even though we had SEATS, we ended up standing for the whole show. My legs were killing me by the end of it, but it was so worth it. The pictures and videos simply do not do a concert justice. Being there is even more special, and I am so so grateful we were able to go after nearly a year of uncertainty when I secretly booked the seats back in October 2020. We’re now considering who to see at our next choice of concert which is exciting, and it finally feels like life is slowly returning to normality.

Do any of you guys listen to Bring Me The Horizon? If so, what are your favourite songs?

From the concert, to being able to take a 2 minute stroll back to our hotel room, it was one of the best nights ever, and felt really nice to be able to treat ourselves which we don’t tend to get to do often enough – unless you count a chocolate bar from Tesco as a treat hahahaha.

Have a brilliant week guys, and I shall see you all on Friday!

Monday Motivation: “Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul need.”

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