Our Community is Growing SO FAST!


Now, this post isn’t due to go up for a few days or so, and in the meantime it’s possible that we may lose a follower or two (and that’s ok!), but at this very moment in time, we have just hit 300 blog followers here on my website! How crazy is that?!

What I love about typing these blogs up as a hobby, is that it isn’t all about the pictures and being able to create a persona of yourself through images which can be manipulated or made to appear different to how things truly are in reality. Blogging comes from the heart. You can’t hide behind anything. Your thoughts are all typed out in black and white (sometimes colour if I’m feeling a little extravagant), there to read in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

My website has been a safe space for many to be able to read, comment, relate-to, and also take away something positive from (‘Monday Motivation’ for example), but as I have said from the start, I will be real with you all, whether that’s talking about a worldy issue, issues here in the UK (yes, I know what you’re all thinking – FUEL CRISIS!!!), as well as a simple chat about how our mental health is doing because for some people, it is a struggle to speak up, and listening to advice and other people’s experiences is a way of being able to break the stigma around this topic. We also love a good Monthly Favourites thrown in there too, and some other exciting and positive things to talk about when they arise.

The fact that 300 of you have chosen to take time to read and embrace the words (and sometimes waffle) here on my blog means a huge amount, and I can’t thank you all enough! I have been a little slow on the old Instagram lately as I’ve come down with the lurgy (not THE lurgy don’t worry – I’ve been testing negative every day, touch wood!), but that is why I’ve been quiet on there since my trip back in September. I WILL be back though don’t you worry, with some autumnal, and also Halloweeny content – I’m VERY excited for the Halloween makeup shenanigans to begin again. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago I was packing my work Halloween costume away, and now it’s that time of year again!

ANYWAY, before I completely go off on a tangent (which I will save for another post), a HUGE thank you again for all of the support over the last year and a half here on my website. I hope the future is able to bring more interaction, helpful content, and a post to read with a cuppa as you unwind on your chilled out Friday, or manic Monday.

Thank you to you all! ❤

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