September 2021 Favourites!

This really doesn’t need much of an introduction, as you guys know the drill. As we enter a new month, we say goodbye to some old favourites, and hello to a whole new load of others. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. ❤


As you will know from previous blog posts, we took a really nice to trip down to Brighton at the beginning of September. I was always a little apprehensive having been told of how BUSY the area is, but I honestly fell in love with it. You’ve got the Pier, the beach – not a sandy beach but still just as beautiful – the stalls, the shops, an amazing atmosphere, and not to mention INCREDIBLE DELIVEROO OPTIONS! Hahaha, it may not seem like much, but living in the countryside and in the middle of nowhere meaning you have minimal options for takeaways, meant that the amount of food options down at the coast seemed enormous and we always found it really tricky to decide on what to have. If you want to read more on our trip click HERE and it’ll take you to my other blog post explaining in detail what we got up to.


This doesn’t need too much of an explanation, but Slushies were one of my favourite parts of being down at the beach. They’re not the healthiest and I’ll be honest in saying that I haven’t had one since we returned, but it was always the nicest drink to cool me down on our last hot summer days. Anyone that says another other flavour OTHER THAN Blue Raspberry is their favourite is very wrong! A favourite that I believe will now be staying in September until next years’ warm weather comes around.

SAS: Who Dares Wins

I’m not sure if anyone outside of the UK is going to know of this TV Programme (I could be wrong) but SAS: Who Dares Wins is basically a BRUTAL show in which the regular public, OR Celebrities go on an Army Selection training course in order to test their strength, courage, and stamina. It really does get more savage as the episodes go on, but the team (DS) only want the best for their recruits. There is a little bit of strong language too as a warning to any of you who might be triggered by shouting and harsh instruction. I’ll leave a clip of it here for any of you wanting to have a look at what the course entails: – but it’s safe to say there would only be a small amount that make it to the end, and even those may not be strong enough to officially pass the course. I couldn’t sleep one night, and so I watched an entire series of this programme (probably WHY I couldn’t sleep hahaha) and it was brilliant! I do believe that one of the main staff (Ant Middleton) has left the programme now, so I’m going to be very interested in seeing how the next series’ pan out.

Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue are not only a brilliant place to go for good quality underwear, but lounge-wear and PJ’s too. They’ve recently had one of their biggest sales to date, and when I tell you that it took me 40 minutes to decide on a pair of PJ’s…it really did. They were obviously doing a switch around from their Summer leftovers, to their autumnal bits and pieces, but EVERYWHERE you looked in the shop, there was a ticket to say the item/s had been reduced! And by the looks of it, they still have a really good sale on, so I’ve left the link above if any of you fancy checking out what items are in stock.

Benefit – Bad Gal Bang Mascara

THISSSSS I’m telling you is one of THE BEST mascaras I have used. I have only ever been using the mini version and seeing as they’re really starting to dry out, I’m still trying to convince my brain to just treat myself to the full-size. Benefit makeup is not cheap as we all know, but I really haven’t tried a mascara with a wand that my lashes grip to so well. I’ll keep you all updated as to whether I buy one any time soon, or if I hold out until Christmas maybe?

Fake Nails

Never would I have imagined myself to be saying that fake nails have been a favourite of mine throughout the month of September. I have never classed myself as a girly-girl but I’m pretty sure this is a typical product (supposedly). I used to bite my nails a LOT as a kid, but nowadays I don’t and just like to let them grow to a nice length, and then cut them back for fresh nail to grow. I realised that biting my nails, or chewing them was not only damaging them, but putting loads of unnecessary germs into my body. I also remember my Greek Yiayia (Nan) always painting her nails bright colours and keeping them well kept, and so ever since, I just did the same. I will happily blame Primark for the fact I really like popping on a fake nail or two (OR TEN!!) because they’re so CHEAP in there (we’re talking £1 for a pack of 24+ nails), but it’s always good to let your nails rest and recuperate after each set as you don’t want to damage the top layers of your nails. I’ve just had this really lovely set on for the past week (image just to the right) of which I bought at the O2 beauty outlet shop, and am now going to wait until I can get my hands on some cute Halloween ones!

Bubble Bath

An absolute classic, but I genuinely can’t go a bath without bubbles now! They make the bath smell amazing and are able to just make you feel so chilled and relaxed. I tried a £1 Primark bath bomb this week too just to see whether it lived up to the standards of the LUSH ones and unfortunately it did not, but it did make my water glisten which was nice. I’m not one to spend hours in the bath anyway, so a few nice smelling bubbles and I’m good to go!

Bunnies Favourite: Large Edible Hideaway Hut

We can’t go without letting you animal lovers out there know what our two bunnies have been loving this past month. As I mentioned in a previous favourites, Cloudy & Caramel really enjoy getting their teeth into something that’s made of a tough material. Not so much tough rope, but safe wood/bark, and we found that their Gnaw Hideaway block was really only lasting them 48 hours with it being the two of them munching on it. Sooooo we found them a bigger Gnaw chew that’s only £2 more expensive but lasted an entire week wooooo!! I’ll leave it linked HERE if you want to check it out, but if any of you have rabbits and have any chews that are long lasting, then please let me know, as they get through them like no tomorrow! Caramel has her top-up jab, and hopefully a nail clip this month (can you believe we’ve had her for over a year now?!), so methinks she isn’t going to be a very happy bunny and will be needing some treats to cheer her up.

Sorry it seems like this post went on and on and on! With the amount of trips we went on, as well as the new things I’ve tried, watched, and really enjoyed, I didn’t want to leave anything out! Do you have any favourites from September? Feel free to share in the comments!

Monday Motivation: “When you focus on problems, you get more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you get more opportunities.”

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