James Bond: No Time To Die. | Film Review!


With this film having been postponed about 50 trillion times before it actually got released in October of this year (with thanks to our well known friend Coronavirus), I took a trip to the cinema to see what all the fuss was about and see whether this film was worth the wait. What I WILL say is that if any of you are going to see this James Bond film and have not seen (the previous film) ‘Spectre’, then I highly recommend you watch that first as I was getting rather confused not knowing who this ‘Spectre’ person was having only seen Skyfall back in 2012 – nearly 10 years ago?!!!😱 but other than that, I would definitely take the time to go and see it if you can.

As soon as I read that Rami Malek was playing the Bond Villain I was like YES!! Having watched clips of him in Mr. Robot, and also having fallen in love with his acting in Bohemian Rhapsody, I could really envision him getting down to the nitty-gritty of a cold, and very haunting Bond villain. He did not disappoint that’s for sure, and if you’re a fan of his, you’ll love this film. Of course, we can’t forget good old Daniel Craig, and with this being his last Bond film, there needed to be an element of secrecy throughout as to what could potentially happen towards the end. I’ve read some other reviews since, and a lot of people have said how they weren’t expecting the ending, and that it came as a complete surprise, and I too can agree. Daniel Craig did a brilliant job in keeping his unique character, but also adding an element of comedy to some of his scenes which did a great job in breaking up the intensity of scenes more serious. I honestly couldn’t fault a single actor cast in this film. I’ve left the IMDB link right at the top so you can check out the cast and creatives behind the crazy effects, stunts, and thrilling rollercoaster of a story.

It’s most definitely not the shortest of films being nearly 3 hours long. I think it took a little while to get going to give the momentum to drive the main story, but other than that, the film flew by and it was the ending credits before I knew it. I’ll be completely honest, throughout the film, we kept getting distracted by people sat behind us, and other film-goers getting angry at how loud they were being. I think it was a group of teenage girls as they then kept walking up and down the side steps going in and out of the cinema constantly. We had people open the doors and shout stupid things (again…teenagers who should have known better), and also an old couple who turned up late, sat next to me, and the woman not only didn’t put her phone away, but kept the flash on when people were ringing her…HONESTLY guys, if you’re going to the cinema to watch a film, please just watch it, because phones, shouting, messaging people on WhatsApp…it’s really not fair to those of us who care about how much we have spent on a cinema ticket (as it’s not cheap anymore!)…sorry for the rant hahaha, but all of these things combined made the ending really confusing for me because I’d missed out on some really important plot sections all whilst being distracted!

If I was to rate this film out of ten, I’d probably give it a seven. The reason being that I don’t think I could soak in every moment (not the films fault obviously!), after the main event at the beginning, it was a little slow in moving, and it was also quite gory! If you love your action films, love some Rami Malek and Daniel Craig, and are also partial to a few tears, then this is 100000% the film for you! I’ve not given away any obvious spoilers, but like I say, if I had seen ‘Spectre’, I may have ranked it differently. I suppose I’ll have to watch that at some point to try and fill in the missing gaps.

If you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought, below! We’re all into different genre’s, so it’s nice to see what other people thought about it too. Have a wonderful upcoming week, whether you’re on half-term duties, are stuck at work like me, or able to put your feet up and have some quality time.

Monday Motivation: “The key to success is focusing on the goals, NOT the obstacles.”

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