September vs October

I think I knew way before September ended, that I was going to struggle getting through October. I had my little staycation to Brighton, work didn’t seem as busy or stressful with the kids having gone back to school, but now it ‘s all hands on deck and STRESS STRESS STRESS at the store.

Things have been BUMPY at work for some reason lately. Whether people are starting to feel the tensions of work-life, or Christmas business looming, management haven’t been all that great, and I’ve really discovered how people don’t have as much respect as I’d like them to have. It’s all well and good being blunt with people, but when something isn’t your fault and you’re first in the firing line, it really does make the working day…each and EVERY day. Currently I’m on a 6 day stint and my next day off is on Sunday (I’ve been there since Monday!!) but we’re doing some cool Halloween dressing up tomorrow so at least I can play around with the SFX makeup and eye contacts (of which I’m a little scared of hahahaha). I understand that without a job, it would be hard for me to buy Christmas prezzies and be able to afford things I’m extremely lucky to own, but also, I currently have no work/life balance and the current company (of which I won’t name just for privacy reasons) that I’ve worked for for the last 2+ years, just don’t seem to be wanting to give back in any way. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and am simply going to work to do my job, and go home again, but it definitely hasn’t been as enjoyable as when I first started. Off on a tangent there hahaha, but October has definitely been tough, and for many reasons.

Amongst working 38 hours a week on average and not being able to make time for my friends and family outside of work, it’s been quite emotional if I’m being completely honest. I am grateful to still have a job as I know that for many during the pandemic (yes, it’s crazy to think we’re still in it!) it’s been extremely tough. There are some really good days and there are some lovely people out there with hearts of gold, but there are also very rude, demanding, and arrogant people there to make the job a little harder. I would say that October has probably been one of the hardest and toughest months to go through personally, this year – whether that be because Summer is over, it’s getting colder, work, family circumstances changing all the time, life has been such an up and down rollercoaster lately – and I’m sure I’m not the only one going through the same thing.

But hey! Look at all we have to look forward to! Halloween on Sunday (if that’s your kinda thing), and the festivities of Christmas just around the corner. If any of you (ANY of you) are struggling, or are finding things a little more difficult, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message on the ‘Contact Me’ page – my inbox is always open for anyone struggling to talk to people in person, and is a private place for anyone to get things off their chest.

The years fly past so incredibly quickly that all we have to do is blink and it’ll be Spring again! I hope this week (being half term here in the UK too) has been able to give you the chance to unwind and put your feet up for more than 10 seconds without you being rushed off of your feet again. I’m hoping to get Mondays’ blog post written up on Sunday (I knowww a bit risky!!) but it really is the only day off of work for me to type one up. I’ll need your brain boxes switched on as I’m going to ask you guys for a favour or two!

Have the best weekend, Happy Halloween to those of you celebrating it, and I’ll be back (fingers crossed!!) on Monday with your regular dose of Monday Motivation to start your week off with a bit of positive thinking.

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