Autumn-Winter Must-Haves!

New day, new week! Happy Monday to you all!!

I thought I’d follow on from my Summer Must-Haves blog post, and do one based around the autumnal and winter time of year as where the weather has gotten colder, I don’t know about you, but I have really been feeling the effects of the darker days and chilly temperatures. I have found myself grabbing for specific cosmetic products, and body-care products in order to keep myself safe from the drop in temperature, but as always, as seasons change, your body also needs to get used to it’s surrounding environment. Here are some things of which I always reach for at this time of year here in the UK.

Hand Cream!

I’m sure I may have mentioned this a while back, but boy oh boy has hand cream become my best friend lately. With all of the constant hand washing I’ve been doing, as well as the colder morning temperatures, it wasn’t long before my hands turned to sandpaper; my skin has started cracking, and around my nails the skin has started splitting. It’s EXTREMELY painful to the point where I’ve been covering my hands in plasters in order to stop catching the cuts and making them bleed again. Hand cream has really saved the day and as long as I apply a thick layer before bed (and in the morning if I remember), it stops the cracking at least and adds another layer of moisture to the skin. Another tip my Dad told me was that if you apply a thick layer of hand cream and sleep with gloves on (kinda sounds a bit weird to me but I can see the logic in it!) then your hands soak up the product even more. Lately I’ve been using the Dirty Works Hand Cream with Shea and Cocoa Butter, and with a really nice scent to it, it has really helped with the dryness.

Lip Balm!

With so many Lip Balms out there, I have actually been testing a few to see which texture of balm has the best results. You of course have the “Stick” style of Lip Balm (such as the Nivea or Palmers ones for example), you have the “Tinned” Balms, there are “Oils” you can use, or of course the “Liquid” balms. Lately I’ve been using the Nivea stick, and the Carmex Lip Balm and have found Carmex to give the most moisture for a longer period of time which is why I mainly use it before I go to bed. My lips have been so dry and cracked lately so to have found a new tube of this stuff to use was good timing. I also use the Lush Cookie Dough Lip Scrub to get rid of dry skin before applying balm which leaves them really smooth. Do you have any go-to lip balms?

Nasal Spray!

This time of year means colds, coughs, and dreaded viral circulation. Honestly, if this nasal spray didn’t exist, colds would be 10x more depressing for me. It did a great job recently in getting me back in tip top shape and helping me breathe during blocked noses and heavy coughing. If you really struggle with a blocked nose, definitely grab some of this if you reckon you’re about to head into your winter cold. As I explained in a recent blog post, we’re all coming down with bugs and colds lately so just take it easy. Our bodies are still trying to adjust to life with less restrictions and socialisation which of course didn’t exist this time last year!

Cosy Coat! – Layering Up

This year I decided to buy a couple of coats just to be prepared for the cold weather. It’s better to have too many layers on than not enough and I thought I would buy a smart coat and another with a hood for the more rainy days. Both are from Primark meaning they really weren’t too expensive, and it just means I can layer my outfits when the temperatures really do drop in the next few months. You’ll be surprised in how a simple coat will prevent you coming down with a virus – even though as a child I really wasn’t keen on wearing a coat…anyone else? Of course layering up means scarves, gloves, bobble hats/beanies, and the rest of it, but just make sure you’re not wearing those ripped jeans in minus temperatures…as trendy as they are, your knees get COLDDDD!

Warm Foods!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a McFlurry kinda person during the colder months, and lately I’ve been reaching more for warmer foods on my lunch break at work such as soup. I’m yet to try the Carrot and Coriander I picked up on my Tesco shop last week, but are there any flavours of soup other than Chicken Noodle that you guys would recommend? Sausages and Mash with Gravy is also such a good meal to make in the colder months as it stays warm for ages and also keeps me warm and full for longer than other meals. An absolute classic! 🙂


I’m not one to normally use candles, or wax melts, just because I’m such an over thinker when it comes to fire hazards, but from what I’ve seen, SO many people love lighting candles at this time of year to make it even more cosy indoors and to add either a pop of festive scent or colour to whatever room they use them in. The amount of scents you can buy these days is CRAZY!!! Some nicer than others hahaha.

Do you guys have any Autumn-Winter essentials that you swear by? Feel free drop a comment!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday Motivation: “Notice how the trees do not cling to their leaves. Autumn is about releasing the old to make way for the new.”

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