My Fitness Journey: Going To A Gym For The First Time.

I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but Wednesday was the first time I’d ever properly set foot in a gym to train. As I have explained to you, I would normally do weights in a room at home, and we are fortunate enough to own a treadmill too so I could always use that, but my boyfriend now works as a Personal Trainer and so I thought I would make use of the discount and go in and see for myself what equipment was there to use. I didn’t want to push myself too hard, but it’s Thursday as I type this and I am ACHING! My legs are like sore wooden sticks and I’ve basically just been waddling around work all day looking like I’ve wet myself!

I was able to have a quick induction when I got there by one of the lovely team members, and let me tell you, technology has come a LOOOOONG way, and everything is so snazzy! You can even watch Netflix on the treadmill and bike machines….how cool is that?! ANYway, she showed me the three floors full of equipment, and I was kind of taken back as I wasn’t expecting there to be so much choice in what I could use. I was also kinda petrified as there were loads of gym-savvy people there that just stared at me when I was being shown around hahaha, they probably thought “why have they given this 12 year old access to weights that are way too heavy for her?” lol. Never judge a book by it’s cover people!! I’m 20 by the way for those of you that don’t know…just very tiny.

Good old traditional me started off with 20 minutes on the treadmill. I only ended up walking/running 2.4KM in the end but it was a start and Cardio is DEFINITELY something I want to work on. Ryan later showed me some good Ab workout exercises of which left my stomach BURNING but no pain no gain as they say! I also tried out a few other bits of machinery, and am basically just working my way around the main gym room to get a grasp of what does what, and what parts of the body are being strengthened in each different exercise. He helped me in being able to push myself with some weights of which I might not have done if I was on my own, but this is where the debate comes into it, and I would love to hear your opinions on the matter…

Do you guys reckon it is more effective to do home workouts where it is simply just you being able to push and train yourself with no one watching you, or are you the type of person who needs a Personal Trainer to give you the extra push? I did find that it’s hard to focus on YOU when in a gym surrounded by other people, and I do worry that there are people in there who judge others, but at the same time, you get access to machines that you wouldn’t have at home. Let me know what you guys think! We are all comfortable doing our own different things, but I wasn’t sure how you guys viewed this situation and whether you felt the same as me. It was only my first visit and I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable as the time goes on, but you definitely feel like the odd one out when you’re getting used to everything and are settling in.

We went for a quick swim after the gym session too, just to relax the muscles a little bit and it was nice to be able to go home and relax knowing I’d done a few hours of working out and starting to strengthen my body again. With things going on in the world, at home, etc, I really feel like I need the distraction.

If any of you guys are in the South East area of the UK and are looking for a Personal Trainer then please feel free to get in contact with Ryan on this email: ~ I know it’s so easy for people to say I’m biased, but he really did help me get to grips with everything and give me some good exercises and tips to work my way through.

I hope you’re all keeping well. I’m currently also working on my October Favourites which should hopefully be posted on Monday, and then you’ll slowly but surely be seeing the Christmas content popping up here and there!

Have the best weekend and I’ll be back in a few days. See you on Monday!

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