October 2021 Favourites!

I was contemplating doing an “October/November Favourites” combined, but let’s be honest, I waffle on for way too long and that post would have been about 50,000 words, so to keep you all sane, I’ve done the usual and kept it to just one month. Some of these are REALLY random, but I promise there is an explanation behind each and every one of them!

Fruit Shoot – Summer Fruits Flavour!


Yes I am indeed 20, and no I am not a child HOWEVER one Tesco shop, I was looking to find my small cartons of Orange Juice to scan and put into my trolley, but they didn’t have any, and so upon browsing the shelves, I came across this retro drink – well it’s retro to me because they have been around for as long as I can remember – but the fruit shoot summer fruits flavour was ALWAYS my go-to, and so I popped a pack of 4 into my trolley and ever since, I’ve taken a pack of 4 every food shop since. I’m not sure whether it’s the nostalgia or what, but these are an absolute delight to drink still, even being in my 20’s!

PVA Glue

This is one of the random one’s if you hadn’t guessed hahaha. This SAVED my Halloween this year! I’m not too sure its main purpose is to put it on your face, but it did the job in helping my work Halloween outfit come to life. Ryan was a gem when I realised being the sausage that I am, that I forgot the SFX Liquid Latex I specifically bought for this occasion, and had left it at home in my makeup drawer. He ran over to Sainsbury’s for me and we managed to find a whole bottle of this stuff for £1 which basically does the same job as Latex (and doesn’t smell nearly as bad which was good!) ~ with it being Halloween Eve, the shops basically had no supplies left, so I was really lucky!

Mini Apples – Tesco

These are the cutest little things I have ever seen!! It may seem really silly, but I found these mini apples when doing my food shopping, and where the bigger apples always get me in a sticky mess and are sometimes too sickly for me to finish, these were the perfect addition to my snack range (healthy of course hahaha). If you have a smaller stomach, and are looking for a quick and healthy snack, then these are great! They also do a really good job in taking away a sweet craving!

Dairylea Dunkers


If any of you have followed my blog for a while now, you will know that these have officially made a FAVOURITES RETURN!! Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been sucked back into snacking on some dunkers every now and then. As a kid, I would only ever want to eat the tubes, and not dunk them in the dip, but I was MISSING OUT!! These are a great savoury snack, I don’t need to explain it all over again, but if you have these in whatever country you are in, grab some off the shelf and give them a go if you can. Not the healthiest of snacks, so don’t eat too many! (maybe I should stick to the apples…whoops!).

Fluffy Socks

I don’t think I mentioned these in my Autumn/Winter Must-Haves blog post, but Fluffy Socks have been such an essential for me during the last month. October is the time of year where the heating doesn’t quite know when to kick in, and with there being quite a lot of wooden flooring that can get quite cold in my house, fluffy socks have been a life saver! Primark currently have some really cute pairs at the moment – I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s 2 pairs for £1.50 or something along those lines. They also seem like really good quality, so exchange those flip flops for some fluffy socks as its only going to get colder! (Unless you’re living the dream in a hot-all-year-round kinda country!).

Card Factory

With a few birthdays having been in the last month or so, the Card Factory has been such a good place for me to stock up on birthday cards, wrapping paper…you name it! I even picked up my Christmas wrapping paper in October (I know…very organised of me for once!), and a 12 metre roll of paper I could use not only for Christmas, but all year round for 99p!!!! 12 metres for 99p is INSANE and it’s pretty good quality too! If you’re looking for a more affordable place to get cards, gifts, and your wrapping essentials then the Card Factory is definitely the place to go if you’re comparing it to the likes of Clintons. Clintons do have some really lovely gifts, but they’re definitely on the more expensive side which is why the Card Factory is the place I’ll always go to – it’s usually quite busy too, so I guess there are quite a few other people who feel the same. You can’t fault Clintons’ wrapping paper quality though!



Again, I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this before in a previous post, but seeing as we are what feels like days away from Chrimbo (slight exaggeration, but it’ll be here SO much quicker than we realise), I thought I would suggest a website of which you guys might find some really cool and creative gift ideas on for your family and friends. For example, I found a company on there that make the COOLEST Bath Bombs. Seeing as LUSH prices have shot up in the last year or two, these are a good alternative, and you’re also giving money to family businesses, and people who are extremely talented in what they’re creating. This is a great website even if you are struggling for ideas as the listings are endless!

Bunnies Favourite: Heat Mats!

It is indeed that time of year where we have to ensure that our bunnies are safe. I would have said that THEY would have chosen their night lights as one of them seemed to have a fun time chewing through the wire (it’s a good job they were switched off!!), but we really have ensured that we have plenty of heat to keep them nice and toasty in the evenings. They’re lucky that they don’t “technically” live outdoors as they are in an enclosed shed which gives them the space to run around in all day, but just to be on the safe side, we have been heating up their heat pads when the temperatures drop in the evening time, just in case they do start to feel the chill. This is also the time of year where we will be changing their bedding to straw instead of woodshavings to keep in the heat, but all in all, pet safe heat mats are a brilliant addition in the colder months in keeping our furry friends nice and warm.

October seemed to fly by within the blink of an eye this year. Was there anything you loved using, loved watching, or enjoyed eating? Feel free to leave a comment below!

We’re already halfway through November, and it’ll be Christmas before you know it. Do you guys feel organised this year for the month of celebrations to come, or are you feeling the stress already?

Have an amazing week, and I’ll see you all on Funday Friday! 🙂

Monday Motivation: “Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.”

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