Stay Tuned For Monday!

Hey, followers of ChloBrianneBlogs!

This really bums me to have to type this, but I honestly couldn’t put out a half-hearted and unfinished blog post tonight when it’s focused on a serious topic, and is something I’m currently pouring my emotions into in order to be able to connect with you guys on a different level. It’s raw, and unfortunately not ready to be posted until Monday. It’s currently 11:09pm on Thursday evening, and having been awake since 4:30am for work, my brain isn’t quite able to put together sentences which convey the true meaning of Monday’s post – that, and the fact we have unexpected gas people making a racket at the house opposite to us…YES THIS late at night! I just want it to be perfect to do the topic justice, and so I hope you don’t mind waiting the extra few days for me to add the finishing touches to it?

I hope you’ve all been keeping well! It’ll come as a shock, but I’m sure I’ve visited the gym 3 times in the past week, and I’m really starting to feel the difference in my body. Just preparing myself for the Christmas and festive munchies!

Have a brilliant weekend guys, and I’ll see you (hopefully, all hoping well), on Monday for another Mental Health chit chat. ❤

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