Mental Health: The Truth About Society.

TRIGGER WARNING ~ I’m just going to put this warning here to those of you reading on, but I do discuss the negative sides to mental health, and so if unhealthy thoughts and social anxiety are a trigger for you, then please feel free to skip this post. I’m sending a lot of support and positive thoughts your way. ❤

Respect. Over the last couple of weeks I have struggled a LOT over the fact that people in this world have no respect; to the point where I told someone at work I was really starting to find it difficult living in a world surrounded by strangers who do not care about anyone other than themselves and only those that concern THEM. I’ll admit, I do really struggle with seasons changing as I have mentioned previously; the darker days, the colder temperatures and just wanting to stay indoors – I’m sure it can all factor into these feelings, but I don’t think I have ever felt so strongly about a dislike for other people in the world. You’ll read this and think “that’s not very nice of her” and view what I’m saying in a negative way, but unfortunately, events leading up to today, and the way people have kind of thrown me around, or made me feel like I simply do not exist, have lead me to some serious trust issues. Sometimes to the point where I don’t even trust MYSELF and the decisions I make, or the opinions in which I try to make clear.

What happened to respect? I find that people of the older generation are some of the LOVLIEST people you will ever meet, but the way in which people are being brought up in this world THESE days is seriously worrying. I don’t know whether the whole rollercoaster of the pandemic has just added a negative spin on what goes on these days, but surely people should be SUPPORTING their peers, getting in touch to make sure things are ok? But instead I get people at work having a go at me for things being too expensive, and I’m thinking LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!! Is your “too expensive” 99p bag of treats really the end of the world and a worry when there is so much else wrong with the world?? It really does make you feel alone, and I sobbed and sobbed last night to Ryan because I’d really had enough. When are things going to change and when are people going to be more respectful? He said it was better to speak about it all and get it off my chest instead of letting it build up, but that’s just what I do, and the new year is going to be a fresh start – a new year and NEW MENTALITY because I’m drained and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling like this. I also then suffer with the guilt of offloading these feelings and making OTHERS feel bad, which is why I don’t like to share these things.

Even just typing this out is getting so much off of my chest, and awareness needs to be raised. I think if a lot of people changed their mentality to be more respectful, and went out of their way to help people instead of making their lives more difficult, society would be a much happier place. I go out to different places and am respectful to the people helping me, not giving them my strong negative opinions if I were to have any. If I’m in London I’ll buy food and drink for the homeless who no doubt have the WORST social anxiety…but so many people will just look down on them without even considering their story of how they ended up where they are. I certainly wouldn’t want to be having children in this world until things have really settled down.

I know for a lot of people, the pandemic has affected them in a way that they may snap all of a sudden, or get angry easily because they are having to deal with a social anxiety that not everyone knows about. There are definitely two sides to this conversation, but there needs to be more resources and access to those who may not be able to afford private therapy to try and tackled peoples emotions after such a horrifying event for everyone of which is still ongoing. The people that haven’t been vaccinated in this country either – what happens to them in the long run – do the government tell you to lock yourselves away? Even when they were supposed to RESPECT peoples decision in not wanting to get it done? It’s all a bit messy, and it’s hard to keep positive when there is no sight of light at the end of the tunnel until the New Year at LEAST. I’m praying 2022 brings so much more positive thoughts and experiences to people in order for us to leave the last couple behind. What do you think?

This discussion will stay in this blog post only and I don’t plan on talking about it afterwards as I don’t want it to linger on all of the exciting Christmas content on the way. If you ever need to reach out to anyone, my messages are always open, no matter how big or small the issue is.

I hope you all have a good week, and are excited for the next few weeks on our lead up to the festive season. Thank you for baring with me on this blog post, but it’s taken me a little longer to edit as I didn’t want to upset or portray opinions of which could upset some people. What I will say is that I’m back at the Gym tomorrow and I cannot WAIT! It’s been such a good stress burner for me.

See you all soon. ❤

Monday Motivation: “Don’t let people decide your fate for you. You are the one in control.”

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