Week One of the No7 Advent Calendar!

This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those of you who have advent calendars this year, I thought I would update my blog week by week as to what I have opened each day in my No7 calendar from Boots. If this isn’t your kinda blog post, then please feel free to skip or head back and read some oldies, but I thought this would be a good way in seeing whether they are good value for money, and what you pay IS less than the value of what you get inside. Baring in mind this calendar was bought for £47, these are the first few bits and bobs I discovered behind the first five doors…

DAY ONE – No7 Early Defence Glow Activating Serum – 30ml – £19.95!!

Already, this Serum is worth pretty much half of the cost of this advent calendar, and from what I’ve used of it so far, it feels really nice on my skin! I haven’t been using it every morning and evening for a week yet, so I can’t comment on whether I think it DOES give me clearer looking skin within a week as it claims to. It doesn’t make my skin any more oily, and hasn’t broken my skin out. I’ve been getting quite a few spots lately, and it hasn’t made them any worse, so long may that continue! Worth nearly £20, a brilliant start to the Christmas countdown!

DAY TWO – No7 Beautiful Skin Completely Quenched Body Milk – 50ml – £2.13

This sounds very fancy, but it’s just a thick moisturiser. It is really lovely to use after a bath or shower, and especially on my knees and dry patches on my elbows, but personally I prefer my Soap and Glory moisturisers. The body milk does indeed sink into the skin quickly, so that’s a huge plus if you’re someone that doesn’t like being sat in your dressing gown feeling sticky!

DAY THREE – No7 Beauty Sponge – £6.95

I have inserted the pictured from Boot’s website here as I got so excited about getting a new beauty sponge, that I forgot to take a picture before I used it! A dirty sponge does not do advertisement for a product any justice hahaha (this post isn’t sponsored by the way, but I didn’t think you would all want to see my smudgey concealer). I can see this sponge being really easy to clean as you can see the dirt on it easily, and being over £5, just this item alone is a great addition. With the slight angle/edge on it too, it’s brilliant to get product/good coverage under your eyes whereas most other sponges are simply pointed!

DAY FOUR – No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Primer – 10ml – £9.95

I haven’t tried this yet, so will try and remember to update you all on how good it is, but you can’t go wrong with an Eye Shadow primer. For only 10ml, being nearly £10, I’m hoping it works well in keeping my shadows stay put. I would never normally purchase this on an every day basis which is why this calendar is so good in being able to give me the chance to try new things!

DAY FIVE – No7 Radiance Daily Energising Exfoliating Cleanser – 50ml – £5.97

I just tried this in the shower and my goodness it’s LOVELY! It’s definitely more of a gentle exfoliant, but it smells absolutely gorgeous. Having only tried it once, similar to the Serum, I can’t tell long term the effect it will have on my skin but time will tell. The full sized product is 100ml and £11.95, so we have half the amount, and so I have guessed, half the price? Again, a nice sized tube of which I can take with me if I travel anywhere, or to use at the gym after my swim! 🙂

So in just 5 days of my calendar, my items have been worth a total of around…£44.95!!

This has actually blown my mind…within 5 days of opening doors, we have pretty much already made the £47 worth it! Already it’s a winner, but is it really worth the £184 advertised? Time will tell!

What Advent Calendars have you been opening this month?

Monday Motivation: “The harder you work, the more luck you’ll have.”

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