Winter Wonderland & Advent Calendar Update!

It’sssss Friday…please bare with me if this blog isn’t as consistent as my other blog posts…I’m still trying to shake off this damn virus, and a symptom for me has unfortunately been not sleeping at night, and moreso during the day, so any spelling errors, or oddly placed sentences…we’ll leave it to that.

The Big Wheel!

This was going to be a blog post hyping up Winter Wonderland, and sharing all of my adventures up in London in early December, but having realised looking back at photos that I was most likely in fact carrying Covid at the time they were taken, makes me feel a bit poop. I may not have been, as my Covid test the day after our trip was negative, but Track and Trace are telling me I picked it up somewhere between the 3rd and 7th of December, so who knows! It was still a brilliant trip up to London; the lights, markets, stalls, hot chocolate, the big wheel – it was great! It was definitely something different for us to do for Ryan’s birthday, and I’ll definitely go another year and spend a little more on rides etc, as it’s quite pricey, especially at this time of year having spent loads of money on Christmas presents too. Do definitely go if you can before they pack it away for the year, but make sure to bring some extra dosh if you want a “proper” Winter Wonderland experience. I’ll leave a link HERE if any of you want to find out more about it, and see what kind of things you can get up to.

Now onto what you guys REALLY want to see…an update to the No7 Advent Calendar! Like I’ve said, not being home means I’m behind in posting week 3, but luckily, I was able to open another 6 doors before having to isolate away from home. Strangely, I didn’t end up opening 6 items, but I’ll explain that in just a moment…

DAY SIX – NO7 Rose Gold Nail Polish – £6.95

I wasn’t able to take a picture of these as they’re now looking as chipped as ever, but this is a really pretty and festive nail polish to open in the calendar. I didn’t HAVE to do two coats to get good colour pay off which is great, and the colour that you get on your nails is pretty much spot on the colour that appears on the outside of the bottle. It catches the light really nicely, and is a really pretty Christmas colour without being too dramatic or bright.

DAY SEVEN – Nothing 😦

This is not something we expected hahaha, but I have a funny feeling I may end up finding it on Christmas Day when I open up the entire calendar to make sure I haven’t missed anything. It happens a lot in Advent Calendars where things fall into different slots and behind different doors in transit, so fingers crossed this may have been the case. Time will tell!

DAY EIGHT – Instant Results Nourishing Hydration Mask – 100ml – £9.95

This is supposedly a good product for people with Dry and Sensitive Skin, so having Oily skin myself, I’m not too sure how it’ll react when I get to try it when I go home, but I’ll definitely give it a go. How cool does it look in the bottle though?! Weirdly, this product would not fit simply behind door 8, but partially behind door 11 also, so as my suspicions expected, I had a funny feeling that behind door 11 would be empty too, but I waited it out to see. At £9.95, it’s a great treat to find and definitely boosts the value of this calendar up even more.

DAY NINE – Cheek & Lip Tint – 10ml – £9.95

If anything, 2021 has been the year of people RAVING about cream contour, liquid blushes, highlighters, and so having only owned one Cheek & Lip Tint before, I’m excited to give this one a go. From looking at the shade on the bottle, it’s hopefully going to be quite a natural colour, but in order to suit lots of skin tones, I also presume it might pack a punch in being quite vibrant, so we’ll have to see when I’m able to give it a go. The calendar so far has been pretty heavily skincare based, so it was nice to be able to open up a make-up product! 🙂

DAY TEN – Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream – 25ml – £12.47

I had to try this straight away when I opened this door, as we all know how much I love a moisturiser, not only packed with skin benefits, but SPF15 too! Suitable for those of you with Sensitive Skin, they’ve really thought about putting items in the calendar that hopefully not many will have any skin reactions to, and with the full size (50ml) pot costing over £20, this is a great addition to the countdown to Christmas and adds even more to it’s overall value.

DAY ELEVEN – Nothing 😦

Again, as I expected, door 11 was unfortunately empty. I was very confused on day 8, because the face mask bottle couldn’t fit in door 8 alone, so maybe this was done intentionally, who knows! If anyone else has this calendar, please let me know if it’s just mine, or that this has happened with yours too! I’m not panicking too much, as I know the products may have just been jiggled around, but I’ll keep you all updated.

Other than the 2 missing items behind two doors, we’re really not doing too bad in discovering this Advent Calendars’ true value. Just to remind you guys, this Advent Calendar was £47, and so far it has reached a total value of…£84.27!! We’re slowly getting there, and with hopefully at least another 12 products to open up, we’re well on our way to reaching it’s supposed value of £184! As you know, I am still isolating, so won’t be able to head home and open more doors until early next week, but I’ll let you all know my findings as soon as I am reunited with my calendar.

Have the best weekend, and I’ll speak to you all on Monday…CHRISTMAS WEEK!!!

3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland & Advent Calendar Update!

  1. Oh no, I was gutted when I read there was nothing behind the 2 doors, fingers crossed they are just hiding! I’m not much of a make-up/skincare person but I’m impressed with this advent calendar so far! Hope you continue to get well Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh thank you, that’s so kind of you. So sorry I’m only just replying, but I’m doing well thank you, and I hope you are too. I managed to find the missing items yay! Still have to calculate the totals but the calendar did. not. disappoint that’s for sure! Have the best New Year, and thank you for your comments and support!


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