The Christmas Celebrations Can Begin! | Christmas & New Year Blog Schedule!

It’s Christmas Week!!!!

How truly and utterly crazy that it’s Christmas this coming Saturday, and next week we’ll be entering 2022…time flies even when you’re not having fun, and I know this last few weeks has been tough on us all. West End shows cancelled due to Covid-19 infections, myself having been stuck indoors unable to go out having finally been struck with the virus itself, many families now not being able to see loved ones due to travel bans, care homes on lockdown, the list is endless. Having now been through two years as a nation suffering from what can only be explained as unexpected anarchy, I really do think that this time of year is where we should all be celebrating how far we have come, commemorating the people we have lost, and reminding ourselves that it HASN’T been easy, and that it will all come to an end in some way or another.

I know it’s easy to say “go all out and celebrate”, but I know that even now, the government are still umming and ahhing about restrictions, and if we’re to go by anything that happened last year, we’ll have Christmas taken away again – I’m not too convinced just because of the backlash that came from here, there and everywhere from those of us here in the South East, but there are SO many cases of different variants spreading, and if I was able to eventually catch it, two years after it first came about, then you KNOW it’s really getting around hahaha. In all seriousness though, I know how busy the shops will be this week, so if you’re heading out to get your Turkey’s, Stuffing, last minute prezzies, please please be careful – keep ya distance, wear your masks and take that hand-sani with you. I’m only 20, and I will be honest, I down-played Covid MASSIVELY in my head and really thought it wouldn’t affect me that badly (even though I have a history of asthma), but it did, and still getting over the last few symptoms, it’s definitely opened my eyes up more to how it can affect one person to another. Our bodies can do some pretty amazing things, and I’m grateful to be able to sit around the dinner table at Christmas with my family this year.

How do you all plan on celebrating Christmas and New Year? I know it seems like a silly question to ask with all of the uncertainty going around at the moment, but we can but hold onto the positive possibilities heading our way. I’ve decided to share my Covid story with you all in the new year, as I don’t want to put a downer on my blog this close to festivities, but I will let you all know what happened, and how things are a little further down the line in January. I’m okay, and that’s the main thing, and very much looking forward to the next few weeks ahead.

Here’s my blog schedule as we head through the next couple of weeks:

Friday 24th December (Christmas Eve) – 6pm

Monday 27th December – NO BLOG POST —> I’ll simply just be spending time with my family, and will be soaking up every minute of Christmas – I’ll no doubt be going to work as well 😦

Friday 31st December (New Years Eve) – 6pm

Monday 3rd January 2022 – 6pm

Friday 7th January 2022 – NO BLOG POST – Again, this will simply be because I’ll be getting back into the swing of things (as will us all) in the New Year and finding my feet again at work. Please feel free to re-visit my older blog posts on the two days I do not post 🙂

Regular blog schedule will resume from Monday 10th January, every Monday & Friday at 6pm! 🙂

I hope you’re all able to understand why I have taken those two days off from posting – I think having had this long off from work will mean it will hit me a little harder going back – having isolated away from home also, it will be a nice few extra days to be able to spend with my family when I’m NOT working.

I hope you enjoy this exciting few days leading up to Christmas and I’ll see you all on CHRISTMAS EVE! 🙂

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