Happy New Years Eve! | NY Resolution’s For 2022!

Happy Last Day of 2021! 2022 is literally around the corner which is BEYOND CRAZY! For some of you, you’ll currently be having your NYE drinks, celebrations, meals, and for others it’ll be a quiet night in. I thought tonight would be a good evening to reflect on some resolutions I made on my blog last year (last years’ post is HERE if you want to have a look), and make some new ones as we head into a fresh 12 months. Did you successfully complete this years’ resolution’s?

Reflecting: 2021 New Years’ Resolution’s

Make More Music – This unfortunately ended up taking a backseat over this last year due to how much I was put down to work at the store. I really wish it hadn’t, because I know what I would much rather be doing! I will hopefully pick it up again, but for the time being, I’m going to focus on achieving something else first before I start music making again. Watch this space!

Get a New Job – Urgh. The fact I typed this and I’m STILL at my current place of work is poop. This HAS to be my most wanted New Years resolution for this coming year. I won’t go into details, but I need a new environment with new people methinks, and I need it ASAP. Fingers crossed!

Exercise More – YES!!! I actually achieved something wooooo! I’m really happy to say that 2021 was indeed the year I joined the gym, and began to properly exercise again and it felt great…that was prior to me getting Covid and I haven’t been since, purely for the fact that my breathing still isn’t back to normal, but once I’m fighting fit again, I’ll be on that treadmill doing 5k in no time!

Maybe Get a Place of Our Own – Again, with the thought of getting a new job, and our Covid restrictions, this hasn’t happened as of yet. Not necessarily a bad thing as it has given us time to save up, but it’s definitely something I’m hoping to do this year, depending on whether I can find a new job that’s right for me.

Not Letting Negative People Get in the Way – My goodness, this was a SUCCESS this year. I was able to stand up for myself BIG TIME in 2021- a situation of which I never wanted to end up in, but what’s done is done and you can now slowly start to see people’s true colours coming out. All I will say is that Karma is around and I’m hoping to go into the new year with the same attitude and leave people like that behind me.

Now onto THIS YEARS’ resolution’s! I will admit, it’s taken a while to come up with these because a few of last years’ need to be accounted for as well, but here is what I hope to achieve in 2022:

Keep Up The Exercise – Fingers crossed my long-covid symptoms will disappear as we head into 2022 as I would love to be back on the treadmill and doing my weights like I had been throughout the year. Watching my body change for the good felt amazing this year, and it gave me a clearer mindset and more positive outlook on how to treat myself physically and mentally – something I hope to take with me into the new year.

Move Out – This is probably my biggest goal heading into 2022, but in also wanting a new job, it might be a little tricky. Moving out is a huge thing, not only when it comes to finances, but also making sure you’re able to also buy your appliances, we have to make sure wherever we go is bunny-suitable, and also making sure it’s the right TIME. Both me and Ryan are wanting to move out in the Summer as there are some other plans in the works which might affect that idea in the meantime, but by Christmas next year, we would love to be in our own home. My brother moved out when he was 21 and he has been THRIVING ever since…who knows, we will have to wait and see!

Get a New Job – I can’t believe this is even on my list for 2022, but 2021 has definitely thrown some curveballs and I am still yet to find another place of work. I’m not going to go into too much detail as to WHAT I’m looking for just for privacy reasons, but as things change throughout the year, I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

Put Family First – All of the above (other than the “Keep Up The Exercise”) all really hangs in the balance of how family life is, and everyone’s health. My parents are thinking of moving, but with other health issues surrounding members of my family, that too will hang in the balance of how the affected members of my family are, and currently, every day is different, so you may find me here in the exact same position having not achieved ANY of these resolution’s this time next year, but if that IS the case, please don’t judge me hahaha. It’ll be because I was more focused on my grandparents’ health, and family in general.

I think I’m going to leave the list there, as they’re pretty big resolution’s, and I’m not keen on the idea of giving myself too much to try and achieve, especially when it comes to new jobs, and moving out – two of the most nerve-wracking things you could think of. I’ve learnt in the past year, that it’s much better to simply take one day at a time, to expect the unexpected, and deal with things as they happen. I’m not saying 2022 is going to be any easier for us all given our struggles over the past two years, but we can but think positively and hope for the best.

I hope you’re all able to go into 2022 with your heads held high that we have all gotten through yet another year of pandemonium, and are able to look forward to achieving your own goals in the coming year.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year, new friendships, adventures, laughter, and memories…

See you next year blog friends!

ChloBrianneBlogs ❤

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