Are Beauty Advent Calendar’s Worth The Hype? | No7 Advent Calendar Finale!

Happy Monday! This is the blog post you savvy advent calendar readers have been waiting for!

I hope you have all had a good first week of January 2022, and I hope this year has treated you well so far – all 10 days of it anyway! Anyway, I’ve finally gotten round to looking up the prices of every single item I received in my No7 Advent Calendar throughout December 2021. Due to contracting Covid, I wasn’t able to open any doors from number 11 until the last week of the month which is why this blog post was delayed – apologies! What I WILL say is that the final result is very interesting, and reflecting on the last blog post (linked HERE), and adding up the figures, No7 have not done bad at all! In my other posts I go into a little more detail about each product, and whether I have tried it out or not, but we will be here for HOURS if I go into that much detail over the course of 14 days, SO if you have any questions about any of the products, please feel free to drop me a message. You may or may not be seeing some in my upcoming “Favourite’s”. 😉

We did have a bit of a confusion in missing items in doors earlier in the month, which is why one or two of these may be a little jumbled, but I did indeed have all 25 items WOOOO and here are the figures to go alongside them…

DAY TWELVE – Stay Perfect Lip Pencil – £7

DAY THIRTEEN – Radiant Results Melting Gel Cleanser – 50ml – £2.65

DAY FOURTEEN – Protect & Perfect Lip Care Moisturiser – £9.95

DAY FIFTEEN – Intense Volume Mascara (Full Size) – £10

DAY SIXTEEN – Face Wipes – £5.95

DAY SEVENTEEN – Radiance+ Illuminating Hydrogel Eye Mask – £9.95

Laboratories Line Correcting Serum – 3ml – £6.99 – Yes, this is the door I ended up finding two products in lol.

DAY EIGHTEEN – Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum – 5ml – £3.40

DAY NINETEEN – Beautiful Skin Blissful Body Wash – 50ml – £2.49

DAY TWENTY – HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel – 25ml – £7.48

DAY TWENTY ONE – Free Stay Perfect Concealer – £9.95

DAY TWENTY TWO – Stay Perfect Black Eyeliner Pencil – £7.50

DAY TWENTY THREE – Powder Blush – £8.95

DAY TWENTY FOUR – Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream – 5ml – £5.98

DAY TWENTY FIVE – Lash and Brow Perfector – 7ml – £8.95

Soooo adding all of these totals to the previous £84.27, we have a total advent calendar value of……


Considering the value was supposed to only be £184, No7 have exceeded themselves! A total value of over £190 is insane, especially with it only costing £47 to begin with! This has for SURE convinced me to get one for December 2022, and has given me faith in advent calendar’s actually totalling up to what they say it does. Every brand is different, but the quality of products I received, and the surprising total value overall, this is one brand I can definitely trust.

Did any of you treat yourselves to an advent calendar in 2021, and did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments!

Monday Motivation: “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”

One thought on “Are Beauty Advent Calendar’s Worth The Hype? | No7 Advent Calendar Finale!

  1. I’m really glad it was worth the money, well more! I’ll definitely be investing in an advent calendar for 2022, although not sure which one yet. I’m excited to see what one you have this year 🙂 Xx


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