Gift Ideas For Easter!

We all love a bit of Easter – whether we are religious or not, are lovers of a good Easter egg, or simply enjoy the extra time off of work – Easter is a great time to relax, enjoy the nice weather (if you have beautiful sunshine that is!), and have a bit of socialisation with family and friends. This post is here to give some of you a few ideas on what gifts you can give over Easter time, a lot of which stick to a very good budget. Whether you love going all out, having a huge Easter egg hunt, decorating the house from top to bottom, or enjoy giving out those Malteasers bunnies, here are a few ideas in which you can put into action if you want to give people a little something. I know I go on about trying to eat more healthy and how I have been loving my gym sessions, but let’s be honest, everyone loves a bit of chocolate every now and then and it would be silly not to make use of a bank holiday weekend in celebration of one thing the entire world loves! If you aren’t a fan of chocolate, what else would you eat as a substitute?

Easter Hamper – This is definitely for if you have a secret Easter Bunny task on hand and don’t mind spending a little more, but an Easter Hamper is such a lovely gift for someone and if you buy multipack’s of what you are planning on putting in there, then you may well be able to get more than one hamper out of your goodies! If you find the right Easter wrapping, colours, decoration, and of course the chocolate, then this would make for a lovely surprise.

Hot Chocolate Easter Chick Bomb – Lakeland – These were absolutely fantastic when we saw them in store! Not expensive at all and such a sweet idea! I didn’t buy myself one, but if you only want to spend a few pounds and don’t want to go overboard, then this Hot Chocolate Bomb would do just the trick! Kids would love them as well as adults, and I think the Chick on the inside adds the cutest Easter touch.

Primark Baking Set – You know what Primark are like! They come out with little gifts and gifts sets for any occasion! We found some really sweet baking sets with cookie cutters when popping into the shop a few days ago. I think a lot of their Easter stock has already been sold if I’m being honest, but there were still a few bits and bobs left. Honestly not that expensive at all, and everyone loves to bake in their spare time – whether the bake actually goes well or not is always another matter!😂

Classic Easter Egg Hunt – You can buy multipacks of mini Easter eggs pretty much in every supermarket you go into at the moment! Stock has been low sometimes, simply because of the fact that it’s Easter weekend THIS WEEK, but I popped into Tesco and managed to buy a pack of 18 mini Easter eggs for only £3 which isn’t bad at all, and they even had bigger boxes of them too! Not small enough so you lose them, but also not big enough to be able to spot them in an instant, these eggs would make for some great weekend entertainment with the family!

Easter Card and Choc – A lovely girl at my work gave us all Easter cards this year, and it’s not until now that I realised Easter cards were actually a thing!! I knew Christmas cards were, and of course birthday cards etc, but I just thought it was the sweetest idea, and you could add a sweet little touch by popping in your family member/friend/colleagues’ favourite chocolate in with the envelope? It’s the thought that counts and you don’t have to spend huge amounts! Win win!

Haribo Easter Bunny Multipack – Clinton’s – I don’t think I’d actually seen these before, but Clinton’s were selling 30 packets of Easter Haribo for £5. Not bad if you’re able to make multiple Easter Hampers or if you want to do an Easter egg hunt but don’t necessarily want to use chocolate! I know Easter is traditionally known for its copious amounts of chocolate, but it doesn’t have to be! I though these were a great idea in switching things up a bit, and the packaging is the CUTEST! ❤️

Have any of you been creative this year in making any gifts, or cards, or buying any special chocolate for this upcoming weekend? I think I’ll be doing a bit of D.I.Y this year for my colleagues and buying a few bits and bobs here and there for my family, but similar to Christmas, I do thoroughly enjoy the opportunity of having a few sweet treats every now and then!

Have the most wonderful Easter everyone, and I’ll be back to bring you new post on Good Friday! 🙂

Monday Motivation: “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others”

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