Morbius | Film Review!

Hello lovely followers!! Apologies for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend absence. I had so much to get done that weekend before going back to work on Tuesday and knew that on this occasion, the blog had to take a backseat otherwise all you would have read would have been some gobblygook nonsense! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, and were able to treat yourself with a little chocolate snack or two.

Moving onto TODAY’s post, we took a trip on Wednesday to see the film Morbius – both me and Ryan had watched the trailer when we had gone to see Batman (one of the best films EVAAAA!) and even though it looked slightly terrifying (to me anyway hahah) we both agreed we’d head out to see it on an afternoon where we both didn’t have any work on, and that’s exactly what we did this week. Just from looking at the trailer you could tell it was very ‘Venom’ orientated and VERY Marvel! Quite a few of you seem to like these film reviews, which is why I am keen on posting them every now and then – we also went to watch Sonic 2 not too long ago, so let me know if that’s a review you’d like to see too….AAAAND I FINALLY got to watch Tick Tick Boom on Netflix!!! INCREDIBLE is all I’m saying!

Anyway, besides that, what I can say is that Morbius was goooood, HOWEVER it wasn’t as good as I had expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong Jared Leto & Matt Smith did a STUNNING performance, but I think I had set my expectations really high in thinking it was very much a pure Marvel film through and through. It was very up and down with the plot, and even the ending I found a little confusing, but that’s not to take away from the quality of acting AT ALL. You also wouldn’t believe Jared Leto was 50 years old….50?!!! He looks like he’s in his mid 30’s!

Upon researching afterwards, IMDB has Morbius at a 5.2/10 which I think I could agree with…maybe we’ll round it up to a 6, but there were parts of the plot that I couldn’t get into or make sense of in my head. What I will say were that the special effects were incredible, and they did a fantastic jobs with makeup, and not to mention the soundtrack too. There will be people out there who absolutely LOVED this cinematic experience, but I think where I’m still on a high from watching Batman, I felt it wasn’t AS good, but is still worth a watch if you’re into your Comics and Marvel.

I think something else to note is that when you have seen a certain actor play a character for an extended period of time (ie: Matt Smith playing the Doctor), you do find it harder to adjust to them being a completely different character, and in this case, (spoiler alert), him being a villainous character instead of the hero. Does anyone else struggle with this too??

Are there any films coming out that you guys would recommend a watch?

I’m so glad it’s Friday!! Got a nice meal planned for tomorrow night with family, and have just had a Nando’s as a treat for getting through this last week. Have the best weekend everyone! ❤️

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