New Job Update!

I know I let you all into a little secret around nearly two months ago now that I would be changing jobs and moving into a COMPLETELY new realm of work – and this is the little update I thought I would post for you.

What I can honestly say is that changing jobs was truly the best thing I could have done. Talking to someone that still works for the same company (different store mind you), I still get flashbacks of what life was like working there and now I think “why the heck did I put up with all of that nonsense for so long?!”. Being in a new and fresh environment, it really does open your mind to the things that you shouldn’t have had to put up with for so long that actually felt a part of your normal routine and that you would use the excuse of “oh it’s just what comes with the job”.

I’m working with such a lovely group of people and of course there are going to be ups and downs, but knowing exactly what hours I’m working, and who I’m going to be with each day makes me feel so much less stressed. I also don’t have to deal with members of the public (yet hahaha) so that in itself has also been a huge bonus. The job itself with the ambulance service carries a huge amount of responsibility and is a role in which I don’t think many people would really actually consider and give people the credit for – without the people in my job role, your ambulances wouldn’t have the medicines needed to treat you, so going home knowing I’ve pretty much saved a life (not literally – maybe one day), is much more of an achievement than going home and saying that I’ve cuddled a cute puppy! 😂

I either get to work two weeks of 10am-6pm OR 6am-2pm. For this week and next week I’m on the early’s, and after having had the 4 days off last week for Easter, a 5am wake up call was a bit of a shock to the system! But on the bright side, I’m finished at 2, and can go out in the afternoon.

Have any of you switched jobs recently, or did you have to get a new job due to Covid? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

Monday Motivation: “Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings come first. Always.”

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