Dear Future Self – 2022 Revisit

I will be completely honest with you all…having looked back at my post called “Dear Future Self” sat here on the sofa, I am genuinely taken back by the words I used and the situations/feelings I spoke about – because looking at how things have changed overtime, I had no idea how much I would learn in the last year, not only about myself, but how the world is constantly changing around us every day and that you really can only take one day at a time. In relation to saving up and moving out, I have decided to try and stay at home to save as much as I can, as well as paying a little rent to put towards house bills as they have gone up ridiculous amounts!! I did also mention the possibilities of new job opportunities and Veterinary Nursing just didn’t work out for me as I decided to go down a different job role for the time being – whose to say I won’t change my mind in the future, but for now, I’m happy working in Medicine’s.

Additionally, looking back at how I felt in April 2021 to how I feel now, I have secured such a nice bunch of friends that even though I don’t see too often because we’re all working and off out doing our own things, nothing changes and every catch up feels even more special. I would much rather have a few special friends, than knowing loads of people – but not who they truly are – numbers mean nothing to me these days – happiness means more.

I don’t think I ever realised how strong I was until this year occurred. Whether that’s to do with other people and their actions, relationships, friendships, family, grief – I’m just so lucky to be here today as I had some dark days (as I’m sure we all do every once in a while), but being the other side of it all, I’m so extremely grateful to have just celebrated my 21st, and to be able to wake up every morning and achieve lots along the way. It’s been an eye opener of a year for sure, attempting to brush off the negativity and wrongdoings of others is the first step to giving yourself that clearer mindset.

Dear Future Self…

You know you’re about to go through some grief and experience passing, but rest assured they are at peace now and are much safer and happier. You have been so much stronger throughout all of the experiences that life has thrown at you, that you now find comfort in even your own company and don’t need to rely heavily on others to go through day to day life, but its those people who DO support you who make life 10x better.

You’re now working for one of the biggest companies in the UK, and what you choose to do with this and how you choose to progress in your career is solely down to you. Don’t let others pressure you or make you do something that doesn’t entice or intrigue you, otherwise you’ll find yourself simply at the hands of others and easily persuaded to do things that your own conscience wouldn’t necessarily agree with. You’ve turned 21 and this is the year that will nurture your imagination and understanding of the things around you.

I hope you are currently feeling fulfilled and happy with choices you have made up until the point you are reading this in 2023, and that you’ve achieved a lot within a short space of time. I hope the fighting in other countries has come to a halt and things settle to be more peaceful. The world doesn’t need more anger and hatred when we all deal with our own struggles.

And as for PRICES!! I hope petrol prices have gone down hahaha, and that the increase in prices here, there, and everywhere isn’t affecting you too much! We could be paying £60 for half a tank at this moment in time (2023) – who knows! Time will tell, but goodness me they’re only going to get worse – hopefully that means work wages go up too teehee.

I hope you are continuing to eat your way through the Taco Bell menu, and are continuing to burn your calories off at the gym – one of your favourite places to let off some steam.

Make yourself and your family proud, and never change who you are for anyone. ❤

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