21st Birthday Adventures!

Happy Monday All!!

If you don’t like blogs that share the details of a hyper/excited 20 – now 21 – year old, then deffo click off now lol! I thought I’d share with you all exactly what I got up to for my birthday two weekends ago and (even though I say this every single year) how it was the best. birthday. EVER!

I really didn’t want too much fuss for my 21st (and for any birthday for that matter) I decided on a trip to Stratford (Westfield’s of course), a meal at Zizzi’s with some cocktails, an overnight stay, and then a buffet with some family in the evening the next day (my actual birthday-day!) – not all could make it but that doesn’t matter – it was still such a lovely evening. There were no big parties to attend, or any loud music and it was such a relaxed and lovely couple of days. The weather could have been a little better – but it also could have been worse, so I’ll take it!

My parents went to such a huge effort to make the house look nice with balloons, a STUNNING cake, banners – the lot and for that I am so so grateful. I didn’t see the the huge fuss of having a 21st but, even though I was no help AT ALL, not knowing what I wanted as a gift, and not knowing what I wanted to do until a few weeks before, they really pulled out all the stops and it was the best birthday ever.

I’ll leave some pictures below of what my days consisted of (those of you who follow my Instagram would have already seen these)- everything was perfect, and I do just want to say a massive thank you to all of you who have shown support to my blog throughout the last year. Let’s hope 21 is just as good!

Have the best week pals, enjoy the warm weather, and I’ll see you next Monday ❤

Monday Motivation: “Action’s speak louder than words”

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