Summer Adventures!

Happy Monday to you all! I’m not 100% too sure what happened with last weeks’ blog post, and where it ended up, but I’ve had some car issues so unfortunately that had to take precedence – very expensive too unfortunately! However I’m back with a fun Summer post to put you in a good mood and fill your brain full of some good ideas.

You may be a parent who is dreading May half-term (welcome to the mayhem!) and are running out of ideas of places to take the kiddos, or you simply want to be able to go on some days out this Summer which will hold some of the best memories, and I’m hoping that even if this blog post helps one of you, you’ll be able to make the most out of the sunshine that we DO get in the next few months ahead. I know the weather can be a little hit or miss (in the UK that is anyway), so sometimes planning in advance isn’t the best thing to do, but planning different days out to coincide with any weather is normally the best way to go about it – so for example, making a list of all the places you want to visit, and putting them into weather categories.

Cheaper cost – Just as much fun!

I know for all of us at the moment, getting spare money together that isn’t having to be spent on bills and gas and electric is a struggle due to the ridiculous hike in living costs here in the UK – I’m not sure whether the rest of the world is having the same problem too – but EVERYTHING is going up in price. Even something as simple as a water fight in someones garden can be cheap but just as cheerful as a day out at the beach – lowers your chances of being frazzled by the sun too! You can also make some pretty tasty ice lollies simply using squash or orange juice – I remember when I was younger, this is always something I would do in the Summer – I found it fascinating how the freezer would be able to set the lollies (no idea why!) and whether you’ve got kids or not, it gives you something to do instead of being sat on the sofa. Another thing to do that’s cheaper than a day out is most DEFINITELY a BBQ. Gives you a fab excuse to bring some family round too and have a good old catch up.

Days Out!

If you do happen to have the extra money to go out, the beach is a great start (not forgetting the factor 50!), and is great if you take a picnic and plenty to drink. This is one of my favourite ways to unwind and feel free from work or any other worries. There’s nothing better than a bit of fresh air (as long as the humidity isn’t over the top) and you could even visit the zoo, theme parks, take a long road trip to somewhere you’ve never been and enjoy the sunsets – honesty, everything about Summer is a DREAM, and I absolutely love it. Not when it’s uncomfortably warm, but when the temperature is just right, you can’t beat a trip to a pub garden to relax with a nice, cold J20 – or something a little more alcoholic if you would prefer! Another idea is maybe taking a trip to the park and being able to have a picnic there – there are a lot more places to find shade normally (unlike the beach), and you aren’t going to make your sandwiches sandy and bitty!!

Do you guys and gals have any Summer plans this year? Any holidays or activities planned?

Have the best week and enjoy whatever it is that you’ll be getting up to! Also, to those of you who are celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee here in the UK – whether that be a street party, meal out – have the most amazing time! Happy 70 years on the throne Liz! ❤

Monday Motivation: “Keep going in the direction life takes you – and do NOT stop for anyone who tries to stop your successes.”

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