Happy Monday you lovely bunch. I hope you were all able to enjoy your bank holiday weekend – whether you celebrated the Platinum Jubilee or not, I hope the last week has been fab for you, and you were able to get some sun in your part of the world. I’m currently typing this out on Sunday and the weather has been extremely miserable – IT’S JUNE!! I hope we get some more sunshine on the way soon! Anyway, in this blog post I really wanted to talk about something important; not only to me, but thousands of other people around the world. Some of you may have seen over the last week or so that Tom Parker (1/5 of the band The Wanted) has released a book called “Hope: My Inspirational Life” – an autobiography of his last 12 month living with an inoperable brain tumour.

If you have been following my blog since earlier this year, you would have seen that me and Ryan went to see The Wanted perform at the O2 arena back on the 15th of March, and it was most definitely a night to remember as you would have seen from the photos. Never did we expect that only two weeks later, we would be learning of Tom’s passing when we were away at Camber. It most definitely came as a shock to both of us and was heartbreaking with us having followed this band since we were little. I don’t think ANYONE expected the sad news to come in, but unfortunately through all of the hope, light, and awareness he spread, we knew the inevitable was coming.

I’ve only read the first few chapters of his book so far, but I don’t need to finish the entire book to know that Tom was loved by absolutely everyone that he came across – I will be finishing the book, but just from the few chapters I HAVE read, this is the heartwarming impression I get. I know Tom’s wife Kelsey has been the STRONGEST woman through ALL of this, and that their two children are giving her strength every single day. Throughout the book, you hear from all of his closest family, friends, and bandmates and it makes you notice the pure strength and resilience Tom had in the lead up to his passing.

If you are able to, whether you are a fan of his music or not, please consider buying his book – it has made me look at life in a completely different way. It’s made me realise how the small negative things really shouldn’t have much of an impact on your life, and that you’re better concentrating on the things that matter and make you feel good to make the most of life. He was, and continues to be an inspiration for so many, and I hope we can make this book a best seller to keep his legacy alive. ❤

Monday Motivation: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

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