My Festive Favourites Of 2021!

It has for SURE been a while since I did a favourites post, but I thought I would combine both November & Decembers’ together in order to round the year of nicely. Sit back, relax, and enjoyyyy…

Ibuprofen – I thought I’d start off with the more negative favourite (bit of juxtaposition for you there haha), but probably since December, Ibuprofen has seemed to be something I have had to grab on multiple occasions. I am extremely grateful that we have medicines and tablets to take if we don’t feel well, and nine times out of ten, it does help ease the pain I’m getting every so often. Something I did only learn the other day though, is that Ibuprofen should be taken when having just eaten, or with some food as it can cause issues with your stomach (I think!).

No7 Cleansing Oil – I was SUUUUPER skeptical about whether using a cleansing oil would completely mess with my oily skin or not, but surprisingly it didn’t! It has done such a good job for me in removing any makeup – ESPECIALLY my Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara which I use every day. I think I’m already halfway through the sample size, so I may or may not be thinking of repurchasing the full size product when it runs out – just don’t get it in your eyes because it STINGS!

The Smell of Food – This is going to seem like the most random favourites thing ever, but not going into too much detail as I’ll have an entire blog post coming your way on my experience contracting Covid-19, but having still not had my sense of taste come fully back, over the festive period, I had to rely on my sense of smell as a way of enjoying the good food and meals that were on offer. Having not wanted to eat for days because of having no taste OR smell, I was even grateful to be able to begin picking up on the scents of Christmas din dins – whether I could fully taste it or not!

I found this sweet pic of my cat from back in November.

Photo’s To Look Back On – I absolutely love taking pictures out and about – whether that’s to keep for memories sake, or simply to jog my memory when it comes to looking back at my favourites of the month. I would of course have said “travelling in country” but the fact that I caught Covid when doing so, has made the idea of this now a little less exciting! Don’t get me wrong, our trip to London was brilliant, but it was just badly timed – ah well, everything happens for a reason, and I’m very lucky to be here to say that in these circumstances.

Going To Bed – This sounds a little dull and not very exciting at all, but the reality of working in retail, and blogging every week, sometimes you do climb into bed, snuggle up, and appreciate the peace and quiet, and time to yourself. As a child, I really used to rebel going to bed, and would make a huge fuss and drama out of it which REALLY wound my parents up, but now looking back on it I just laugh hahaha, because these days I would do anything to be able to clamber into bed and relax, but that’s just not the reality of a working life – IF ONLY!!

Loungewear – Again, to go alongside the idea of having a bit of peace and quiet, and chilling out, I seem to have gotten myself into a habit of either wearing joggers, or buying joggers – a pair of which I purchased from Primarks’ kid section the other day – they look cute though and only cost me £7 because they were aged 11-12 years! I’m either at work in my work uniform, or when I’m not, I’ll be lounging around in comfy leggings or jogging bottoms. They’re great for this chilly time of year in the UK, but Spring is most definitely on the way…I can sense it! And we all know how much I love Spring…

Hollister – I was super lucky to have been gifted a few Hollister bits and bobs by Ryan this year, and the quality is amazing! You can always count on Hollister clothes to be – yes expensive – but also the best quality when it comes to being washed and dried multiple times. I haven’t attempted to wash my teddy bear jacket yet, so any tips on how to stop it from bobbling up would be greatly appreciated! I also bought quite a few Christmas gifts for my family from Hollister too, back in November as they had some cracking sales, and a lot of different items on offer.

Online Shopping – Thank GOD for technology! Having had to isolate in the week or two leading up to Christmas, I had no choice but to finish my Christmas shopping online and hope for the best. I had no access to online banking as none of my details or anything were on me, so I was buying stuff praying that my card wouldn’t get declined in the meantime! I am quite grateful for the fact that I did most of my shopping and wrapping before I got ill, and so this only left me with a few things left to buy and get sent to my house – a real palava, but we did it, and everyone got their gifts! 🙂

So there you are, the last of my favourites for 2021! Is there anything that you guys swore by in the year of 2021? If so, please feel free to share in the comments below, and if you want to head back to earlier months in the year, I have (pretty much) every month of favourites in 2021 hidden within my website. It’s fun looking back and seeing how the different seasons of weather in the year impact these too!

Have the best weekend guys and gals, and I’ll be back on Monday with my raw and honest diary entry of how my experience with Covid-19 really was… ❤

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