Reflecting On This Time Last Year: How Things Have Changed PART 2!

Looking back at my blog posts from last year, tomorrow marks exactly a year since I posted my blog post: “Reflecting On This Time Last Year: How Things Have Changed”, and so I thought I would do the same this year, and over-time I’ll have a little collection of memories of how things changed year after year. When I typed this blog post a year ago, lil old me didn’t think for a second that Christmas was going to be snatched away from us within DAYS of December 25th 2020, and I actually feel defeated reading the words I typed and published to you all. I mentioned how we should all “use 2021 as our year of change in not only our mindset, but focusing on what makes us happy”, and part of me feels like people have yet again, spent this last year in total darkness and uncertainty.

I don’t feel like there is a point in doing sub-headings this year, as lets be honest, we have yet again be circled and captivated by Covid-19, and this is what has controlled our lives for NOW the last 2 years. It has flown by, but has also felt like the longest never-ending unsettled tunnel of confusion. And now with this new variant “Omicron” hitting the country, who knows which way things could go. Again, with all of us having so many questions, it’s only a matter of time before we’re finally told what impact this new variant could have on our population. Currently, cases are at 50,000 new positive tests a day here in the UK with at least over 100 people passing away within 24 hours…how has this become the norm? Our restrictions are kicking in again, with mask wearing mandatory and people being urged to work from home if possible. It seems like we’re in a circle of restrictions and we’re soon to be back to square one. What do you think?

This time last year, I also wouldn’t have expected my family life to be as it is today. A lot unfortunately happened with my family, and I am now a true believer in making every second count with your loved ones. Not because I lost anyone close to me (condolences to any of you who have – it was close, trust me), but because Alzheimer’s hit home, and has consumed our family for an extremely long time now. Learning to deal with Dementia, and learn about the disease in order to make members of my family feel as comfortable as they can be, has been one of the toughest things about this last year. It’s been a complete rollercoaster and still is, but it’s made me look at life in a completely different light of which only those affected by Alzheimer’s can truly understand.

This last year has also come with positives too – I don’t just want to focus on the negative. The continuation of my blog, seeing my family more than in the previous year, and also being able to go on some really exciting trips, like our trip to Brighton, and our concert trip to see Bring Me The Horizon…both a breath of fresh air to be able to go out on an overnight stay (Brighton being a 5 day trip), and just have fun. Any chance we have to be able to get some fresh air, whether that’s simply going to work, going out for a walk, or going out on adventures, I don’t take for granted anymore, because you never know what’s around the corner. Something I also never thought I would do – join a gym and drive there weekly to keep myself in fighting fit condition over the last few months, and that’s something I’m grateful for from the last year. Not exercising really dipped my motivation; even though I was on my feet at work constantly, it’s not the same as isolated exercises, and running 5K on the treadmill. It taught me to focus on what’s healthy, and to listen to my body more.

I’ll be honest, I’m still grateful for the last few years as it’s helped me speak up more, helped grow my confidence, and has also made me realise that I’m so much stronger than people may think. I just wish all of the negativity and tough parts didn’t exist along the way, but everything happens for a reason. We’re all so much tougher than you would think, and if anything, the last two years having been so up and down for us all proves that we can get through whatever is thrown our way.

Believe that you can, and you will. Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you all on Monday for some more festive content! 🙂

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